SPA RENTERS AGREEMENT (updated 5/10/11)

I, _______________________ (full name), hereby acknowledge that I am a tenant of San Jacinto Riverfront RV Park
and have entered into a spa rental agreement as of ____________ (date). My Lot and spa number is __________.

•        I will not use the spa for any other purposes then what it’s intended for.
•        I understand the maximum capacity is 4 people, and that children must accompanied by adults all times.
•        I understand that I will be responsible for the maintaining the spa, and for covering and locking the spa when
not in use.
•        I acknowledge that S.J. Riverfront RV park and its staff are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or
deaths resulting from the use of the spa. I, my family, and guests will use it at our own risk.  Furthermore, I will be
responsible for any damages to the spa system and the deck beyond normal wear and tear.
•        I also agree to abide by all spa safety rules. I understand that any violations or inappropriate use of the spa
may result in S.J. Riverfront RV Park terminating my usage and contract.

If you already paid over the phone or via email, please print out this form,
then sign, date, and fax it to San Jacinto Resort at (281) 426-5080 or email it

Your signature means that you've acknowledged you have read and agree to comply with this

Sign: ______________________________________ Print: ____________________________ Date: _____________________
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