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(Updated June 2019)

San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort Rules & Regulations (short version)

GENERAL: Follow all posted rules as well as the 15 mph speed limit. • All bicycles, golf carts,
and vehicles driven on the resort will need lights on to ride at night. • Only modern, well
maintained RVs are allowed. • No tent camping. • Theft or property damage of ANY kind will
not be tolerated. • Open fires must be in a fire pit, grill, or other approved container. •
Firearms and other weapons are prohibited without management’s approval. No BB Guns,
pellet guns or rifles or any kind of dart guns. • Motor scooters, mini bikes, skateboards,
hoverboards, ripboards, razor boards, rip sticks and dirt bikes are prohibited. Off-road
riding of any vehicle, drones, or motorized toys is strictly prohibited. • The consumption of
alcohol is prohibited except in a site or cottage you are staying at. • No smoking allowed
inside any resort buildings or facilities, within 15 feet of all resort building entrances, in the
gated pool areas, or anywhere else signs are posted. • Some guests work nights and are
sleeping during the day. No excessively loud noises, loud music, or disturbances at ANY
TIME. Absolute quite time is from 10pm to 6am. • Appropriate attire required to enter front
office and other common areas.

AMENITIES: Park amenities and events are for resort customers, their family, and approved
guests only. • Clubhouse use for private events is by appointment only. • Use of amenities
is at your own risk.

CABLE / DirecTV: We may offer free cable TV access for RV sites and free DirecTV for
Cottages. The channels (including our Showtime channels #16 & #17) provided have no
parental control systems so please monitor your child’s television viewing as some shows
contain explicit material not suitable for children. New customers may have to reset their
TVs to “cable” mode instead of “antenna,” then “scan” for new channels. If your cable line
needs repair, call 1 800-Comcast to schedule free maintenance work.

CHILDREN: Children should be supervised at all times. No children outside after the resort’s
9pm CURFEW unless accompanied by adult. NO unsupervised children under the age of 14
are allowed in the bathhouses, pool, gym, clubhouse, at the river, on the pier, or anywhere
else where signs indicate so. Absolutely no children allowed inside the gates of the infinity

CLUTTER / DECOR: Keep our resort neat and tidy by doing your part to clean up your mess at
your site and in common areas. • No clotheslines, canopies, storage sheds, upright
refrigerators/ freezers, skirting, excessive number of items, or any other sort of unsightly
clutter. • Major mechanical repairs and non-working or junk vehicles are not permitted on
an RV site. • Consider renting a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit or Parking Space to store
your belongings or extra vehicles. • No chalk drawings allowed on concrete at sites,
roadways, or any other areas. • Decor must be non-offensive, season-appropriate, and in
good condition.

DISCLAIMERS: The resort and its employees are not responsible for loss, damage, injury or
claim for damages to property or campers due to fire, theft, accidents, natural or any other
causes. • Please lock up all your valuables. • The customer, his/ her family, and all guests
accept usage and other privileges contingent on his/ her understanding to hereby release
San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort, its officers and employees of all liability for loss or
damage to property or death or injury arising out of his/ her use of all campground facilities
and amenities.

ELECTRIC METERS / UTILITIES: • The intended use of each electrical meter is for ONE RV
only and one plug at a time. • Do not modify, tamper with, or lock resort utilities. • A $100
replacement fee will be imposed on residents whose meter rings and locks are found to be
broken or tampered with after moving in. • If the resort has reasons to suspect a meter
reading is inaccurate, we reserve the right to use previous readings to make estimations. •
Do not share your utilities with another customer, or use another site’s utilities/ amenities
without management’s written approval.

GARBAGE: Garbage dumpsters are conveniently located near the entrance and are for
household garbage only.

GRASS / LANDSCAPE: Do not place any items on the grass that would slow or prevent the
mowing process at your site. • All RV customers MUST COVER and ELEVATE their hoses and
utility lines; the resort will not be responsible for damage caused during mowing. • Mowers
may skip sites with too much clutter; or they may move your belongings off the grass if they
get in their way. • If you prefer to do your own mowing or landscaping at your site, please
notify resort staffers. • Patios, gazebos and any other grass covering or grass altering items
are not permitted without permission from management (existing patio stones or bricks
must remain at their current site when you move out).

PARKING: Do not park in vacant sites, on the grass, or block any roadway. • No overnight
parking allowed near fishing pier/ clubhouse/ restrooms/ front office, and other common
areas without written approval from management. Vehicles parked in unauthorized places
may get cited or towed at the owner’s expense. • Parking in an empty site will require
payment of our daily rate for the use of the site. Additional parking for extra vehicles is
available at the resort for a nominal fee. • ALL CUSTOMERS/ GUESTS MUST PROPERLY
Additional parking is available for $5.00 a day; longer vehicles are $8.00 to $14.00 a day. • If
you cannot fit your vehicles in your site due to extra length or any reason, then you must
park in overflow spaces at additional cost. Please ask front office to assigned you a spot.

PROPANE: We offer propane fills from 1:30 pm. You may drop off your tank at office and we
can fill it that day or the next day.

VISITORS: All new visitors must register/ sign-in at the front office. • Visitors need to park
within the boundaries of the site they are visiting. • Visitors must be accompanied by a
customer when using resort amenities (Limit 1 visitor vehicle per site at a time). For larger
gatherings, please consider renting the clubhouse.

PETS: Please leash and pick up after your pets. • We do not tolerate vicious or loud animals
or pet abuse and neglect. • Pets kept outside must have an enclosed and appropriately
sized pen, access to clean water, food, and a shady covered area. Pets are not to be left
outside overnight or unattended for prolonged periods in extreme weather or
temperatures. • Employees must be able to read RV meters without pets interfering. • In
case of power outage, emergency, theft, accidents, or maintenance work done at site, SJ
Resort and its employees will not be liable for pets’ safety, injury, or loss while inside or
outside your RV. • Customers and guests must be in control of their pets at all times when
they are outside.  Use of pet-designated areas is at your own risk.  

SWIMMING / POOLS: No swimming allowed in the river. • Swimming pools are usually open
from 10am to 8pm during late spring to early fall. No person under the age of 18 is allowed
inside the gate of the adult pool or the adult pool bathroom. Be advised that there is no
lifeguard on duty.

WASHING RVs / VENDORS: Customers may wash their RV at their site or hire an authorized
service company. All vendors must be pre-registered and approved by management before
entering resort.

MAIL: USPS usually delivers mail to us by 4:45 pm Monday – Saturday. Here is how your
incoming mail should be addressed: YOUR FULL NAME, 540 S. Main, YOUR SITE #,
Highlands, TX 77562. Mail without a current
customer’s name or site number will be
returned to the post office. Former customers, who moved out and want their mail
forwarded to a new address, will need to apply at the post office. We receive packages as a
courtesy, but are not responsible for lost packages/deliveries. We are not responsible for
lost packages or packages that postal service says were delivered to us. We are not
responsible for UPS packages delivered to the resort office.

Wi-Fi POLICY: While the resort offers free Wi-Fi throughout our resort, we do not
guarantee that all spots will get a signal. Customers may also bring their laptops to
our library for a stronger signal. Do not download movies or play online games as
this will slow the network for everyone. You may get knocked off our signal for using
too much bandwidth. We highly recommend each customer purchase their own
private “air cards” or Wi-Fi service for a more secure, faster, and reliable signal.

If you are inconvenienced by anyone who fails to respect Resort policies, or
otherwise engages in disorderly or inappropriate behavior, please let us know so
that we can take measures necessary to ensure you have a pleasant stay. Your
cooperation is appreciated.

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