San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort Rules (updated 9-20-13)

•  Please be sure that all posted rules are followed. • Speed limits are posted by the Resort (15mph).  Please maintain
this safe speed at all times. • Only modern, well maintained RVs are allowed. • No tent camping allowed. • Please respect
the property and privacy of our guests and our resort. • Theft or property damage of ANY kind will not be tolerated; such
actions will result in eviction & prosecution. • Open fires must be in a fire pit, grill, or other approved container. •
Firearms and other weapons are prohibited without the written consent of resort management.  • Motor scooters, mini-
bikes, ATVs, skateboards and dirt bikes are prohibited. Off road riding of any vehicle / motorized toys is strictly
prohibited. Golf carts must be registered and can only be operated by those with a valid driver’s license. • The
consumption of alcohol anywhere except on a site you have rented or on a site where you are a guest is prohibited. • No
smoking allowed inside any resort buildings or facilities, within 15 feet of all resort building entrances, in the gated pool
areas, or anywhere else signs are posted. • All guests must display SJ Resort's parking permit on their rear view mirror
at all times when on premise. • QUIET TIME IS 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM. THERE WILL BE NO LOUD MUSIC OR ANY OTHER
• Park amenities and events are for resort guests and their families only.  • Clubhouse use for private events is by
appointment only.  
• The resort offers free cable TV access for our RV sites and free DirectTV for our Cottages.  Channels are listed in our
Park Guide. The channels (including our Showtime channels #16 & #17) we provide have no parental control systems so
please monitor your child’s television viewing as some shows contain explicit material not suitable for children.  If you're a
new customer, you may have to reset your TV to "cable" mode instead of "antenna", then "scan" for new channels.  If
you need help or service with your cable, please call 1800-Comcast.  Ask for the "Commercial Bulk" department.  Instead
of an account number, just provide them with the resort's phone number and address (281-426-6919 / 540 S. Main/
Highlands, TX 77562).  Describe the problem you are experiencing.  They will give you a date and time when they can
come out (usually within a few days of your request).  Make sure you get a "Work Order" number from them.  You will not
be charged for these services.
• Children should be supervised by parents or guardians at all times. No child under the age of 18 should be outside
after the 9pm CURFEW unless accompanied by parent or guardian. No unsupervised children under the age of 14 are
allowed in the bathhouses, pool, gym, clubhouse, at the river, on the pier, or anywhere else where signs indicate so.  
Absolutely no children allowed inside the gates of the infinity pool.   
• Please help us keep our resort neat and tidy by doing your part to clean up your mess at your site and in common
areas.  • No clotheslines, storage sheds, skirting, excessive number of items, or any other sort of unsightly clutter.  •
Major mechanical repairs and non-working or junk vehicles are not permitted on an RV site. You can rent storage
facilities and extra parking spaces to store your boats, RV’s, trailers, motorcycles, jet skis, vehicles, and other personal
• Upon check-out, guests must leave a site or facility in the way it was at check-in. • Extra fees ranging from $10 to $150
may be automatically be applied for waste or trash removal and disposal and extra cleaning. •  In the event the resort
must power wash a site due to chemical/ oil spills, leakage, or other reasons, the guests at that site may incur a fee as
• While the resort is equipped with surveillance cameras, security gate and does have active and retired law
enforcement officers living on site, be advised that these measures are only deterrents and not guaranteed safeguards
against crime. • Guests must also do their part to protect their own property such as locking doors and windows and not
leaving valuables in plain sight. • If you are a victim of a crime, please call police, file a report, and inform a resort staff
member so we can issue a community advisory if necessary.
• The resort and its employees are not responsible for loss, damage, injury or claim for damages to property or campers
due to fire, theft, accidents, natural or any other causes. • The customer accepts camping / renting privileges with the
understanding that he does hereby release San Jacinto Riverfront RV resort, its officers and employees of all liability for
loss or damage to property or death or injury to his person arising out of his/ her use of any campground facilities and
amenities.  The customer further agrees to indemnify San Jacinto Riverfront RV resort, its officers and employees,
against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or death or injury to the person of any member of the family or
guest of the registered customer arising out of the use of campground facilities and amenities.  The resort reserves all
rights including the right to amend our rules and policies at any time.
• Do not tamper with the electrical meters in any way.  A $100 replacement fee will be imposed on residents whose meter
rings and locks are found to be broken after move in.  Vandalism and theft charges may also be filed as well.
• Garbage dumpsters are conveniently located at the Resort entrance. Disposal is for resort resident’s household
garbage only.
• Do not place any items on grass at your site that would slow or prevent the mowing process. • You MUST cover and
elevate your hoses and utility lines to prevent damage during mowing. • The resort is not responsible for hose damage
caused by lawn maintenance personnel. • Lawn crew may skip sites with too much clutter, or move guests’ belongings in
order to mow the grass.  • If guests prefer to mow the lawn at your site, please notify resort staffers first.  Guests may
only trim the grass at their site with management's approval, but cannot trim any other vegetation such as trees, shrubs,
flowers, etc. • Patios, gazebos and any other grass covering or grass altering items are not permitted without a written
agreement from management (existing patio stones or bricks must remain at their current site when you move out).  •
Guests are responsible for the removal of any trash/ waste at their site.
• Do not park in vacant sites, on the grass, or blocking any roadway. Parking in an empty site will require payment of our
daily rate for the use of the site. Additional parking for extra vehicles is available at the resort for a nominal fee.  • All
guests are required to display their assigned parking tag on their vehicle's rear view mirror when on resort property.  •   
Vehicles parked in unauthorized places may get cited or towed at the owner’s expense. • All sites are limited to two
vehicles.  You will have to pay to park extra vehicles at your site $5/day, $20/wk, or  $40/month (per extra vehicle).
• All visitors must register/ sign-in at the front office and provide the correct name and site number of the person they
are visiting to obtain a temporary visitor's parking tag.  •Visitors need to park within the boundaries of the site they are
visiting. Additional parking is available at the front office, near the bathhouses, near the cottages, and in front of the
clubhouse.  Visitors must NOT park overnight in these areas.  • Visitors must be accompanied by a guest when using
resort amenities. • Visitors must obey all resort rules and regulations..
• You must be in control of your pest at all times when they are outside.  They must be on a leash (no longer than 8 feet)
and kept quiet at all times. You must clean up after them, even if no one is looking. Remember, your pet’s mess is your
mess. Use of Pet Park area is at your own risk.  Vicious or loud pets will not be tolerated. Do not leave your pets outside
for long periods of time without shade, food, or water.  We do not tolerate pet neglect or abuse.  Violations of any of our
pet rules will result in eviction without refunds. • Please make sure your pets have a proper tag, and all their shots
updated.  • Any stray pets will be turned over to the county’s Animal Control Dept.  • Each site is allowed have two pets
free of charge. • Fees apply to additional pets. • Limit 4 pets per site.  • guests failing to register their pets will be fine.
• For safety reasons there can be absolutely no swimming allowed in the river. • The family pool located behind the office
is open from 10am to 8pm during late spring to early-fall. • The adult pool next to the clubhouse is open from 10am to    
8:00pm during late spring to early-fall.   
• Guests may wash their RVs at their site or hire an authorized service company.
• All vendors must be preregistered and approved by management before entering resort. • Authorized vendors are
those who advertise in the resort’s current park guide and have the official SJ Resort Authorized Vendor Certificate with
a valid date.  The front desk has list of current authorized vendors. Any form of solicitation inside the resort by guests or
a third party is not permitted.  You may NOT use your RV or any common area in the resort to conduct business without
written approval from management.  Conducting business online is permitted via your personal internet service, as long
as you're not using common resort resources or allowing customers from outside the park to enter.  Going door to door
or disseminating fliers is not allowed.  You may display permanent advertisement on your vehicles, but not anywhere
else on your site.  You cannot provide services to other guests within our property unless you advertise in either our
resort guides, quarterly newsletters, on our websites.   You may not display business cards or fliers without permission
from the front office.  Even if you advertise with us, you can only provide service to guests who approach you since you
are not allowed to solicit customers. If you wish to advertise in with us, please email
•  Upon check-out, guests must leave a site or facility in the way it was at check-in.  Extra fees ranging from $10 to $150
may be automatically be applied for waste or trash removal and disposal and extra cleaning.   In the event the resort
must power wash a site due to chemical/ oil spills, leakage, or other reasons, the guest at that site may incur a fee as
well. Guests / renters are responsible for the payment of all outstanding charges and fines for resort rule violations as
well as damages to Resort property incurred by the renter, his or her family members, party, and guests.  Guests/
renters are responsible for the payment of any missing, lost, or stolen property belonging to the resort.  
• USPS usually delivers mail by 4:45pm Monday – Saturday.  To receive your mail at the resort’s front office, please
have those sending you mail deliver them to YOUR FULL NAME, 540 S. Main, YOUR SITE #, Highlands, TX 77562.  Mail
without a current resident’s name or site number may be returned to the post office or to sender.  Former guests, who
moved out and want their mail forwarded to a new address, must fill out a change of address card at the post office. •
The resort is not responsible for parcel left unclaimed for over 30 days. • The resort does not hold mail for guests who
have moved out. • Those mail will be returned to the postal service or to sender.
• While the resort offers free WiFi throughout our resort, we do not guarantee that all spots will get a signal. If you have
trouble logging on, it may be because there are already too many people using the signal.  For a stronger signal,
customers can bring their laptop to our library. Do not download movies or play online games as this will slow the
network for everyone.   You may get knocked off our signal for using too much bandwidth. We highly recommend each
guest purchase their own private “air cards” or WiFi service for a more secure, faster, and reliable signal.

If you are inconvenienced by anyone who fails to respect Resort policies, or otherwise engages in
disorderly or inappropriate behavior, please let us know so that we can take measures necessary to ensure
you have a pleasant stay.  If you, your family, or guests do not abide by resort rules and local laws, you may
be fined.  Violation of resort rules may also result in a fine automatically charged to your account and/ or
eviction with forfeiture of your rent and deposits.  Any illegal activity may result in your arrest and/ or
prosecution.   Your cooperation is appreciated.
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