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San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort
Customer License Agreement / Guest Policy (Updated June 2019)

Customer Agreement
San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort (SJ Resort) is a commercial property that is designed primarily for recreational vehicle
transient guest use.
In entering into this license agreement with SJ Resort, the customer agrees that he or she
as well as all members in his or her party are considered Licensees and that SJ Resort is the Licensor, and
this relationship will remain so throughout his or her stay at SJ Resort.
This license agreement is non-
transferable, and is revocable at anytime for any reason.  Upon entering SJ Resort property, each customer confirms that
his or her RV is and will remain “road ready”, is not a HUD-Code manufactured dwelling, has a fully functional built-in
generator, is up-to-date with its TxDMV RV registration, and is in full compliance with regulatory standards. The customer
also agrees to maintain those provisions and standards in order to be a customer here. To continue doing business with
SJ Resort, customers promise to maintain routine upkeeping on their RVs and to abide by all terms of this license
agreement/ guest policy.
The customer hereby agree that he or she and SJ Resort does not have nor will they
ever enter into a Landlord/ Tenant lease agreement and that he or she will NOT attempt to claim an
establishment of residency while temporarily staying at a camping site or rental cottage.
The customer also
acknowledges that SJ Resort is not regulated by HUD. The customer also acknowledges that his or her RV is governed by
the Texas Transportation Code and not the Housing Code. The customer also acknowledges that he or she owns the RV
he or she is occupying and can provide evidence of a title or another valid form of proof of ownership. The customer
acknowledges that his or her RV is indeed a temporary living quarter during recreational traveling, camping, or seasonal
The customer also agrees that he or she is NOT a tenant or resident and acknowledges that SJ Resort
simply offers services. SJ Resort services include providing a temporary parking space or daily to weekly
lodging in the form of rental cottages.
In the event that a customer has defaulted or failed to pay in full, the
resort may first attempt to file theft-of-services charges and take actions within SJ Resort’s legal rights in an
attempt to collect a debt and/ or eject the delinquent parties
. SJ Resort may take other actions as advised by its
legal representatives, the associations it’s affiliated with, or by various law agencies/ courts.

According to this license agreement, only a maximum of (4) four adults can be signers on a License Agreement. Each
person within an account can represent the entire party when signing credit card authorizations, receipts, agreements, or
other documentations relating to the party’s stay at SJ Resort.  Customers must be 21 years of age to be a signer on a
License Agreement.  No Renting or Subletting allowed. No Licensee may assign, rent, sub-lease or otherwise turn over his
or her RV and the RV site for the use and enjoyment of third parties, including children, relatives, or friends, either with or
without monetary compensation.  The use of each RV site, RV, or amenity shall be limited to the personal use and
enjoyment of the Licensee of the RV site and their children, relatives, friends when the Licensee is present.  Only
Licensee, registered occupants and registered guests may occupy and utilize the campsite/ RV site.  The campsite is for
recreational residential use only. Commercial activities, sub-leasing or unregistered guests are not permitted at the RV

Resort management can at any time, or any reason, or for no reason at all choose to NOT renew a customer’s
account or to take actions to eject or remove the unwelcomed parties as outlined in this policy.
checks and reputation checks may be conducted for any persons 18 years of age and over, during any time
of their stay. SJ Resort reserves the right to conduct a background check on any customer or guest who has
entered its property or has registered with the front desk.
Anyone found to be to have been charged with a felony
while residing in SJ Resort can be immediately ejected from the property. The customer understands that SJ Resort may
terminate this agreement and eject customers without providing refunds if there are evidence of violations to SJ Resort’s
Rules & Regulations, violations of this Customer License Agreement, or evidence of dishonesty/ fraud.

Wording used in Rules & Regulations and Service Agreements
The customers acknowledge that (written or spoken) words such as “eject”, “evict”, “expel”, “ejection”, “eviction”, and
“expulsion” may be used interchangeably to refer to SJ Resort’s attempt to get customers off of our property. Also if there
were previously written or spoken words such as “tenant”, “renters”, “residents”, or “occupants” made by the customer or
by an employee or officer of SJ Resort that that is not to be misconstrued as an existence of a Landlord/ Tenant

Payment before Service
All customers must pay in full before moving into an RV site, cottage, clubhouse, storage unit, or parking spot. Customers
must pay before or by their (daily/ weekly/ monthly) due date. The Licensee acknowledges that actions will be taken swiftly
in the event of non-payment, incomplete payment. Management, may allow up to a three-day grace period after the due
date before shutting off utilities or booting/ impounding a vehicle. Those who are behind on paying will not only incur late
fees, but their utilities may be shut off, and theft-of-service charges may be filed or eviction proceedings will be brought
against them (depending on what law enforcement agencies or the courts determine is necessary). Staff members
conduct daily inventories of all vacancies. Any RV, vehicle, or property parked/ stored in an unpaid/ delinquent site may
be towed, booted, or removed without warning.

All Rights Reserved        
The resort reserves all rights including the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time and the right to
terminate or amend this agreement at any time.  We also reserve the right to photograph or video our resort with you,
your family, your guests, your pets, and your property in it for the purpose of security, safety, upkeep, maintenance,
status reporting, documentation, marketing, or social media. These photographs or videos are only taken in open/ public
view, from our streets or in common areas (such as front gate, office, library, fitness area, swimming pool, clubhouse,
etc.). Usually if we take a photo of you for marketing or social media purposes it will be in common areas and during resort-
sponsored functions, special events, or holidays. We will often ask your permission ahead of time out of courtesy. If you
have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this matter, please write us a letter or email us at

Valid Credit Card on File/ Updating Your Info
Every customer/ guest/ or group need to provide a valid Driver's License and credit card for services to be rendered. This
credit card will be responsible for any outstanding charges incurred by the customer and/ or his or her family, party, group
member, pets, and guests. Every customer/ Licensee must promise to provide the resort with the most updated
information including contact info, credit card numbers, mailing address, names of family members, number of occupants,
pets, and vehicles for each account. Customers will also agree to authorize the resort to automatically charge the credit
card on file for any outstanding balances. If the front office staff is unable to swipe/ run an actual card through our credit
card machine, the customer may incur additional fees for auto-pay or keyed in charges. In the rare event where
management accepts checks or cash, an additional deposit of $250 may be required via cash or cashier’s check. The
account holder will be responsible for paying a $25 - $50 fee for each bounced check as well as any late charges.

No Refunds for Any Reason
We do NOT give refunds or credits for ANY reason including early departures, changes during your stay, or changes to
your employment or work status so please plan your stay accordingly. Please be advised that there are no exceptions to
this policy. If you are uncertain of the length of your stay or the status of your job/ employment, we suggest you pay the
daily or weekly rate. In the event when a free amenity (such as cable, WIFI, fishing pier, swimming pools, bathhouses,
gym, library, security gate, etc.) is temporarily closed, out of service, undergoing repairs, or is no longer offered there will
be NO refunds or credits. The amount you pay is for the RV site, cottage, clubhouse, or storage you are occupying only.

Check In / Check Out Times & Procedures
Check in is at 3:00pm, and check out is at NOON.  If you need to CHECK IN earlier or check out later than the times
stated, please let our front desk know.  You may incur additional charges if you check in or out too early or too late.  Our
front office is open every day from 8am to 8pm.  If you are checking-in after 8pm, you will need to call the front office
during business hours on that same day at 281 426-6919.  A representative will take your credit card payment over the
phone, assign you a specific site number, and give you directions on how you can get your gate card(s) to open the gate
(whether by a lock box or by an after hour employee).  If you need to CHECK OUT early before our office opens at 8am,
please put all resort gate cards and parking tags that you have in an envelope or Ziploc bag and drop it into the comment
box located next to the front door of the office.  Be sure to write your name, site number, and check-out time and date on
the envelope or Ziploc bag.  If there are any money owed back to you will automatically go back to the credit card on your
account within 14 days unless you instructed otherwise. Only gate cards and tags registered to your account, in which you
have paid a deposit for, and are properly returned to the front office will be refunded.  All others brought to our office and
said to be belong to the resort will be confiscated without a refund, as they are presumably SJ Resort property. There is a
$10 fee for lost, damaged, or unreturned parking tags by your check out time.  Cash refunds for certain deposits must be
picked up in person.  If you pull out of the resort w/o properly checking out or informing a staff member, you forfeit all
deposits and any remaining balance, your gate cards will be deactivated, and you will be automatically charged for any
outstanding balance.

Automatic Renewals
If you are a weekly or monthly customer, your account will automatically be renewed to another week or month on your
due date unless you inform us (by phone call, email, or written letter) before or on your due date (by noon).   If you plan to
change from a monthly to a daily or weekly rental, please inform us no later than noon on your due date or else you’ll
have to pay for another month. Other changes to your account must also be notified to resort staff on or before your due
date. This applies to RV spaces, storage units, cottages, parking spaces, etc. Resort management may choose to stop
your automatic renewal and eject you at anytime for any reason.

Making Reservations/ Hold Deposits/ Cancellations
Customers can always make a reservation without putting down any deposits, but the reservation may not be
guaranteed.  A valid credit card number is required to guarantee a non-specific site.  We typically accept hold deposits no
earlier than one month prior for spa and corner RV sites and cottages.  We may accept reservations earlier for special
events such as weddings and holidays. We can only guarantee you'll get a spot, not any particular or specific spot, but we
will do our best to accommodate your wishes. Although you may be assigned a specific site when you make your
reservation, you may be bumped to another nearby spot at the time of check-in depending on availability.  All other
Standard and River View RV sites are rented out on a first come first served basis.  If our occupancy rate reaches 90 to
94%, we will accept hold deposits no earlier than one week in advance.  Once our occupancy rate reaches 95% or higher,
we will no longer make guaranteed deposits, but will continue to collect your name and information for our waiting list.  A
credit card number is required to guarantee a reservation.  Deposits to hold a spot are as follow:

RV Site (Daily) = 20% of your total rent
RV Site (Weekly) = $50                             
RV Site (Monthly) = $79
Cabin (Daily) = $50                                                                   
Cabin (Weekly) =$79                                 
Clubhouse = $50

For monthly RV customers, your hold deposit will go towards your power deposit when you move in.  In all other cases,
hold deposits will be applied to other deposits, which will be applied to your balance when you check out.  If you cancel
your reservation at least 30 days before your scheduled check-in date, you are entitled to a full refund.  Cancellations
after this 30 day mark will result in forfeiture of your “hold deposit” or a partial refund of any rent prepayment amount
minus the “hold deposit”.  You may change the date of your original reservation ONCE after this 30 day mark, but that
change must be made at least a WEEK before your scheduled check-in date.   If you fail to show up on your reservation
date you will lose your deposit and any payments you’ve already made.

Additional Costs
Each RV site is limited to two adults and two children, two pets (dog or cat), and two vehicles (all must be registered with
the office).  Each Scout or Trooper Cottage is limited to two people and two parking spaces.  Each Platoon Cottage is
limited to four people and two parking spaces.  Costs for extras to be at your site/ cottage are as follow:

Per Additional Person, Pet, or Vehicle
RV (Daily)                          $5
RV (Weekly)                      $20  
RV (Monthly)                      $40
Cottage (Daily)                   $5*
Cottage (Weekly)               $20*
(* Only cottages #501, 502, & 702 are allowed to have one small pet with written approval from management. * Pet must
meet all requirements to be approved. * Please check rate sheet and Cottage Rental Agreement for additional fees and
deposits.  A pet in a cottage will cost $50/wk plus a $250 pet deposit.)

Cottages / Clubhouse / Storage Unit / Storage Parking/ Spa sites
Customers agree to follow all rules posted in these facilities and on all pertaining agreement forms (Cottage Rental
Agreement, Clubhouse Rental Agreement, Storage Unit/ Storage Parking Rental Agreement, Spa Site Rental Agreement,
and/ or Pool Rental Agreement).  No pets (unless with a written approval) or smoking allowed in the cottages, clubhouse,
or pool area ($250 fine imposed on violators). A refundable security deposit or a hold on a credit card may be required to
rent cottages, clubhouse, storage unit, or storage parking. We do not impose security deposits for RV sites. Please make
sure the facility you rent is returned back in its original condition. The resort is not responsible for any personal
belongings left behind after you checked out.  Any personal property or belonging left behind in a storage unit that’s at
least 30 days overdue will be thrown away, auctioned off, or donated at the resort’s discretion.        

Customers/ Guests Responsibilities
Customers/ Guests are responsible for the actions of all their family members, pets, and guests.   Customers/ Guests are
responsible for the payment of all outstanding charges and fines for resort rule violations as well as damages to Resort
property incurred by the Guest, his or her family members, party, and guests.  Customers/ Guests are responsible for the
payment for any missing, lost, or stolen property belonging to the resort.

The customer will at all times subsequent to the commencement of this agreement and during the full term thereof
maintain a policy of insurance upon the RV site and the RV located thereon at the customer’s sole cost and expense
against: fire, theft, and flooding as well as general public liability (including damages caused by fire, falling trees or
branches) for a minimum amount of $50,000 in coverage pertaining to the site and all improvements and equipment
brought onto the site. Customers must also maintain insurance for all of their vehicles, boats, and golf carts. Please be
advised that it is the responsibility of the customer to keep their insurance current and to immediately furnish a copy of the
declaration page at the request of management. Expired insurance coverage is considered a violation.

Late Payments/ Pro-rating/ Partial Payments/ Non-Payments
Please note your due date. It’s not our responsibility to notify you when rents are due. A $5.00 per day late fee applies to
all late payments and outstanding balances of $25 or more. We reserve the right to auto-bill (w/$5 auto-bill fee) all late
and unresponsive customers. We may prorate your bill ONCE to help you catch up on your rent or to change to a more
desirable due date. We do not prorate outgoing customers. Notifying us you’ll be late, asking if you can pay on a date
past your due date, or making partial payments does not exempt you from late fees, stop us from shutting off utilities, nor
will it prevent us from taking legal actions against you. Typically SJ Resort will NOT accept anything less than FULL
PAYMENT of the outstanding balance on a delinquent account that has been more than seven (7) days past due.
Payments will be applied to your overall balance. Customers can not determine what part of their bill they want to pay for
and what they won’t pay for. For example, a customer can not say I can only pay $200 of my $540 balance today and I
want that to apply to my electric usage. While the charges on your receipt or statement may be itemized, be advised that
charges for an RV site and utilities are not considered a la carte services. They go hand-in-hand. We reserve the right to
unplug an RV, lock electrical or breaker boxes, tow or boot any RV/vehicles, or lock a storage unit in an attempt to collect
a debt. The customer also agrees to not withhold payments arising out of a disagreement or complaint with SJ Resort, its
officers, or staff. Such complaints or disagreements must go through the necessary proper channels, chain of command,
mitigation process, or legal proceedings. Having a complaint or disagreement does not exempt a customer from paying his
or her outstanding balance for services rendered, nor give him or her rights to interfere with or hinder the business
operations of the resort, nor counter any legal actions initiated by SJ Resort including theft-of-service charges or eviction

Theft of Service
ACCORDING TO TEXAS PENAL CODE SECTION 31:04 (b), any guest (s) who leaves without paying for site service or
who refuses to pay for site service when due is subject to criminal prosecution. We are providing service hook-ups for
your RV and Rental Cabin Park Model w/full amenities. We require full payment in advance and will prosecute any
violations under the “THEFT OF SERVICES LAW”. If you pull out of the park with an outstanding balance, and did not
properly check out with the front office, your departure will be considered “theft of service”, and you will be reported to law
enforcement.  Any gate cards in your name will be deactivated, and you will not get any refunds or deposits back. Any
outstanding balances will automatically be charged to the credit card on your file including late fees and auto-bill fees.
Filing “theft of service” charges against a customer is a last resort when the customer ignores our phone calls and
warnings posted on his or her trailer.

Evictions/ Ejections/ Removal
In the event of non-payment, delinquent accounts, theft-of-service, trespassing, continued violation of rules & regulations,
breach of this License Agreement, failure to use resort property or amenities as what it's intended for, abuse of SJ Resort
facilities and amenities, harassment or intimidation of staff, illegal activity, domestic disturbances, felony charges, or
unspecified reasons management may at any time revoke a customer’s privileges, services, and account. Management
may use a variety of options including a forcible entry and detainer, eviction filings, request ejection, theft-of-service
charges, or trespassing charges in an attempt to remove the customer from our property. Depending on the course action
we are instructed to follow, SJ Resort will ensure to do everything in accordance to the law and give adequate notice to
the customer being ejected.

If you, your family member, a co-customer, a pet, or guest violate a resort rule, policy, or agreement, you may face
additional fines and/ or be ejected with forfeiture of any deposits and remaining balance. Once you have been ejected or
evicted from the property, you may no longer be allowed back on resort property for any reason.

Mitigation of Problems/ Chain of Command
If a problem arises with the site you are parked in (such as the utilities or site amenities not working properly), please
notify our front office immediately. Our staff will either assign you to another site or offer the amenities from an adjacent
site if available. This also applies to cottages. If you wish to stay in the problem site and wait for it to be fixed, you must
allow adequate time for us to mitigate the problem. If you’ve already contacted the front office and have given on-site staff
members adequate time to mitigate a problem, but it remains unresolved, you may email your case to You must allow sufficient time for an investigation to be conducted and for a
representative to respond back to you. This process could take about 14 days or more. Customer service will only
intervene after all attempts to mitigate the problem has been exhausted by the front office staff and the customer has
followed the chain of command. The goal of the Customer Service Department is to provide assistance to the customer
depending on his or her needs, while ensuring fairness to both customers and employees. SJ Resort value our customers
and want to make sure complaints are heard and addressed in a timely manner. The mitigation process will only continue
when all parties involved are courteous, open, honest, sincere, and willing to compromise with each other. Customer
Service is not obligated to assist the customer if he or she is suspected of  illegal activities, fraud, or has an outstanding
balance. If there is evidence that the customer is being disingenuous, dishonest, misrepresenting of information,
misleading authorities, engaging in blackmailing, intimidation, or threats of violence/ vandalism, or is blatantly disregarding
SJ Resort Rules & Regulations, the mitigation process will cease and legal actions may follow. Please be advised that any
contact you have with staff may be recorded and used against you in a court of law. SJ Resort believes in the highest
level of business ethics and practices and will not tolerate unethical or inappropriate actions or language from customers
or employees.

Arbitration Clause
In the event a customer-initiated dispute arises between the parties to this contract, it is hereby agreed that the dispute
shall be referred to a specific USA&M office for arbitration in accordance with the applicable United States Arbitration and
Mediation Rules of Arbitration. The party initiating the complaint is also responsible for properly initiating the arbitration
process. Initializing the arbitration process does not mean the customer can get out of paying his or her outstanding
balance. The arbitration clause does not apply to cases involving eviction/ ejection, theft-of-service, or trespassing.

Entire Agreement
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between SJ Resort and Guest and supersedes all
prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreements and representations between the parties. The Rules & Regulations
are incorporated herein by reference as part of this Agreement. This Agreement may not be amended, modified or altered
except in writing as signed by both SJ Resort Management and Guest. The Guest(s) signing this Agreement represents
that he or she has authority to sign on behalf of all occupants of Guests designated RV and acknowledges that this
Agreement is enforceable against all occupants of Guest’s RV. Also, the customers/ guests' agrees that their signatures
on the receipts as well as their family members' signatures constitutes a binding agreement to this Customer Service
Agreement for the entirety of their party's stay.

Accepted & Agreed:

Print Name of Guest                                Signature                                Date