Cottage Rental Agreement (updated 3/21/18)

To Our Rental Unit Guests,

Thank you for choosing San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort. Everything in the rental unit is provided for your comfort
and convenience while you are staying in the unit. Promptly report any problems you may encounter with the rental
unit to the office. Please familiarize yourself with the following rules and with all documentation and information
provided about the rental unit as well as the
Renter's Policy. Thank you and enjoy your stay!

- San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort Management


•        RESERVATIONS: To confirm your reservations, we require a credit card payment of a hold deposit.
 HOLD DEPOSITS: Hold deposits will be converted into a "security deposit" which can be applied to your
outstanding charges at time of check out.  Deductions may also be made for damaged, missing, lost, or stolen
 SECURITY DEPOSITS: Additional charges may be added to secure a security deposit of $150 to $250
depending on the type of cottage you are renting. You can expect to receive the balance of your security deposit
refunded to your credit card between 24 hours to 12 days depending on your credit card's processing time.
PET & WORKING ANIMAL POLICY: Pets are only allowed in cottages that are designated as "pet-friendly".
Those cottages are numbered: 501, 502, and 702
. We typically only allow pet dogs that weigh less than 16
pounds, is potty trained
, up-to-date on shots, and well behaved.  The cost to have the pet in the cottage is $15 per
day or $50 per week with a $250 refundable deposit.  For your pet to be considered, it must be seen by our front
desk employee at time of check in a
nd have a copy of its up-to-date vaccination history.  Visibly unhealthy, sick,
flea-infested, vicious, or loud dogs will not be allowed.  The dog must be on a leash and be picked up after.  On the
day housekeepers are scheduled to clean, the tenant must make sure the pet is secured in a crate or has
temporarily left with the tenant.
Guests with "working" animals will need to provide inform resort staff when booking
a reservation or at least 14 days in advance. During check-in, owners of working animals will be asked to show
proof in the form of a government issued card or certificate for service animals or a letter from a license healthcare
provider for Emotional Support Animals. While service animals will not incur daily or weekly pet fees, the refundable
deposit is still required. ESAs will only be allowed in pet-friendly cottages and must still pay the pet fees as well as
the refundable deposit.

SMOKING: No smoking is NOT allowed in the cottages. Cottages with a cigarette smell during or after your
stay OR where butts and ashes can be found will be considered in violation of this rule. Please be considerate of
all of our guests and step out on the patio and to smoke.  Please make sure doors and windows are closed so the
cigarette smoke is not blown inside the cottage.  Remember to dispose your ashes and cigarette butts properly.  
Open flames as well as lighting any types of candles or incense are not allowed. Tampering with the smoke
detection device is prohibited.
FINES: A fine of $250.00 will be imposed on renters who violate the pets or no smoking policy as well as
immediate eviction with forfeiture of all deposits. Renters who fail to disclose their pets will also be back-charged an
additional $15 for each day of their stay.  They must also immediately remove the pet or face eviction.
OCCUPANCY:  Each unit that has only one queen sized bed is allowed up to TWO people. Each unit with a
queen sized bed and a fold out futon is allowed up to FOUR people. Each unit is allowed up to one to two parking
spaces.  Each additional person or parking will cost extra ($10 per day or $40 per week).  Please notify SJ Resort
of the number of guests staying in your cottage. Failure to do so may result in extra charges automatically applied
to your credit card or security deposit. The maximum occupancy for each unit is highly monitored. SJ Resort has
the right to inspect the number of people in your party. Any party exceeding the maximum occupancy is reason for
eviction without reimbursement of rents and deposits. Only registered guests can occupy the units.
 HOUSEKEEPING:   Cottage will be cleaned upon the guests' arrival and cleaned again after their departure.
Cottages being rented on a weekly basis will be cleaned once a week.  Renters can NOT choose to "opt out" of this
weekly cleaning.  The housekeeper must be able to access all rooms.  If you prefer a certain day or time for the
cleaning service, please notify the front desk in advance. Because we do not offer a safe in each cottage, we ask
that you find your own way or securing all of your valuables and keep them with you.
TOILETRIES & AMENITIES: Weekly and other long-term customers are responsible for replenishing their
own coffee, soap, as well as paper and plastic products (trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.), and
toiletries.  SJ Resort does offer some supplies, but it may only last you for a day to a week.
•        Do not place hot items directly on tables, counters, or furniture; always use a hot pad.  Pots and pans are for
stove top use only. Do not use pots, pans, or any type of metal or alloy product in the microwave.
 TOWELS & LINENS: DO NOT use towels for make-up removal, machinery, grease, shoes, or anything that
will leave stains.Do not hang towels or clothes on shower curtain rod -- use towel bars or hooks. Do not put wet or
damp items on beds, furniture, or floor. Leave pillows, blankets, and bedspreads on bed. DO not use SJ Resort
blankets, pillows, towels, and linens outdoors and do not remove them from the premise.   RESORT BLANKETS,
CLEANING: Guest(s) agree and acknowledge that they will return the cabin back - close to the state of
cleanliness to which it was received upon arrival. This includes cleaning of all kitchen items and utensils, wiping
down surfaces, and light sweeping of title floors. Guest(s) must place all waste into the trash and empty out closets,
dressers, and kitchen appliances. Make sure all used towels are left in the shower or bathtub and not on the floors
when checking out.  Please wash dishes, wipe counters, table, chairs, stove/ oven, and inside of refrigerator and
microwave. There is a $10 minimum fee if housekeeping has to wash or rewash the dishes, cookware, and/ or
TRASH REMOVAL: Guest(s) are responsible for removing all trash and disposing them in the dumpsters by
the front gates of the park. If you bag up your trash nice and neat and leave it by the front door, there will be a $10
minimum fee for the housekeepers to dump them for you.  If the housekeepers have to gather an excessive
amount of trash from inside the cottage to dispose of them then additional charges will be accessed.
CHECK OUT TIME: Check out time is 12:00 pm. We will charge your credit card $30.00 beginning at
1:00 pm and for every hour you're late checking out until 3:00 pm. Anything past 3:00 pm will be charged a full one
night rate (in addition to the hourly late charges already added) of the unit in which you are staying. It is crucial you
check out in time so not to disrupt other reservations we may have.
WHEN CHECKING OUT: Do NOT turn off refrigerators. Do turn air conditioners to 75 degrees, and turn off
fans, TV/VCR/DVD's and indoor lights and porch lights.  Lock windows and doors.  NEVER leave the cottage keys
inside the cottage and the doors unlocked.  You must check out with the front office before leaving the resort in
person or by phone. If you are planning an after hour check out, please call our front desk so we can schedule a
night employee to collect your key or you can drop it in our suggestion box, but you must notify the front desk of
your plans.
INSPECTIONS:  All Cottages are inspected and cleaned before and after your stay. You are responsible for
any damages or missing items incurred during your stay and until you lock the cottage and return your keys back
to the front office. You will be charged for any damage or missing items upon your departure. Please see
replacement cost list for each item from the replacement cost list.  A copy can be found online at www. or inside each cottage.
INVENTORY: A full written inventory has been taken of each cottage and SJ RESORT will conduct an
inspection upon your departure.  If damages (other than “ordinary wear and tear”) are found – or towels, and/or
property are missing (in addition, any cleaning and/or trash removal deemed excessive by the property
owner or the cleaning service) a retail damage price will be assessed and charged to the guest’s credit card on file
or security deposit.  If you find something damaged shortly after you check in, please let us know immediately and
we will make every effort to come to a reasonable resolution to the situation.
DUE DATE: Please note your due date.  It’s not our responsibility to notify you when rents are due. A $5.00
per day late fee applies to all late payments. Notifying us you’ll be late does not exempt you from late fees.  We
reserve the right to auto-bill (w/$5 auto-bill fee) all cottage tenants who are late.  
SAFETY: Safety and security is the sole responsibility of the Guest. Owner(s) or its agent assume no
responsibility or liability for the safety or security of the guests, or for injury caused by the criminal acts of other
persons. Guests should ensure that all doors and windows are locked at all times, and guest must immediately
notify SJ RESORT if any locks become inoperative. Guest shall not store any combustibles on premises. Nudity
visible form outside your cottage, excessive profanity, and excessive noise will result in eviction without refund.
ALTERATIONS: No alterations, additions or improvements to the cabin (including the application of paints,
stains, nails or screws to the woodwork, walls,floors or furnishings). Guest(s) acknowledges and understands that
all furnishings/furniture in the cabin are in place as the Owner(s) wish them. Guest(s) agrees to pay not less than
$100 if furniture is rearranged in such a manner that results in cleaning services being delayed. Such cost will be
deducted from the security deposit or the credit card on file.
INSURANCE:  Renter acknowledges that owners insurance does not cover personal property damage
caused by fire, theft, rain, war, acts of God, acts of others, and/or any other causes, nor shall owners be held liable
for such losses. Renter is hereby advised to obtain their own insurance policy to cover any personal losses.
 LOST AND FOUND: We are not responsible for any loss of money, jewelry, valuables of any kind ... or any
damage incurred to guest’s motor vehicles or their contents.

We, the undersigned, hereby understand and agree to all the terms of this agreement as well as in the general
Renters Policy. Failure to uphold any provision of this agreement may result in eviction from the premises. We also
agree to comply with all of the Resort rules and regulations. Furthermore, we understand that we will be held
accountable for any and all damages to campground property incurred by ourselves, family members, or our
visitors. We, as guests, do hereby release San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort, its officers and employees, of all
liability for loss or damage to our property, as well as any injuries that may arise out of the use of this Resort •        
facility.  We understand there is no refund or credit for early departures, and that the credit card we provided will
be responsible for all outstanding charges incurred by ourselves, our family, and/ or guests.

Signature of Registered Guest_______________________________________________Date: _______________

Printed Name of Registered Guest_______________________________________________________________

Mailing Address______________________________________________________________________________

Phone___________________________________ Dates of Stay_______________________________________

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If you already paid over the phone or via email, please print out this form,
then sign, date, and fax it to San Jacinto Resort at (281) 426-5080 or email it
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