Clubhouse Rental Terms and Conditions (updated 6/08/19)

Rental Fees
Clubhouse rental daily rate: $950/day (10 hour-limit/ see exclusions below)
(Ask for the discounted rate if you are a monthly RV
customer, part of a church group, or is part of a rally.)  
*        A $250 "Hold Deposit" is required at time of booking to reserve event date(s).
*        Security Deposit of $250 must be paid prior to event. (The $250 hold deposit will be automatically converted to
a security deposit on the reservation day.)
*        Balance must be paid in full no later than on the day of the event by credit card, money order, or cash. Rental
includes specified clubhouse, specified number of tables and chairs, restroom(s), and kitchen(s).  Patio and deck are
considered shared/ common areas, but can be used to seat event guests.  Infinity Pool is not included in the rental of
the clubhouse.  To rent out the entire infinity pool area and have it closed for the entire duration of your party will
cost extra (same price as clubhouse daily rate).  Pools are for tenants and guests staying in the RV sites and
cottages only, and absolutely no children are allowed in the adults-only infinity pool.  
*         The daily clubhouse rental rate covers a 10 hour use limit.  There is a $100 charge for EACH rounded-up
hour over the limit as well as a one-time $100 fee for clubhouse use NOT within the resort’s normal business hours
(8am to 8pm).
*        There is a 10% daily rate surcharge for the following days: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial
Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Super Bowl Sunday.
*        Restrictions & blackout dates apply to discounts.
*        Rates subject to change at any time.

Rental Approval
Park Management must approve and execute all rental agreements prior to customer's access of facility. Approval
period is 7-14 days. Applications submitted less than 7 days and more than 18 months prior to the requested event
may not be considered.  Private rental of the Clubhouse is not final until all of the following has occurred:
- Rental Agreement is executed by both
Customer and Resort Managers.
- Deposit has been received by Resort Managers.

Rental Availability
Clubhouse is available for private rentals as follows:
- Availability will be based on a first-come, first served basis.
- Park Residents' events as well as rallies receive priority during scheduling if no hold deposit has been made.

Eligibility for Rental
Renters must be 21 years or older.  If the event includes groups of minors under 17 years-old, then there must be at
least one adult chaperone per 10 minors. Renters must remain on-site for full duration of rental.

Clubhouse Rental Rules and Guidelines
1. Renters will assume all personal injury liability for guests during the event.
2. Renters will assume liability for all damage to the Clubhouse property and injury to the Clubhouse staff arising
during the event.
3. Renters are responsible for any damage to the walls, fixtures, floor, windows, furniture or any other part connected
to the Clubhouse and its surrounding area.
4. Renters will assume all financial responsibilities for damages.
5. The clubhouse rental rates include 10 round guest tables, 100 guest chairs, and two rectangle serving tables.
Extra tables ($15 each) and extra chairs ($5 each) are available for rent. Table cloths are also available for rent for
an additional cost ($10 per table cloth).  All Clubhouse items and décor must be returned to their proper location
prior to end of rental period.  Customer will be charged for any missing or damaged items including tables and chairs.
6. Set-up and decorating is only allowed during rental period.  No holes and no drillings allowed.
7. Management reserves the right to be present or visit the Clubhouse during the rental, and to have surveillance
cameras on during the event.
8. Violation of any resort or Clubhouse rules may result in termination of rental and forfeiture of any payments and
deposits.  Renters must agree to obey all local and state laws.
9. Alcohol may be served (not sold). Renters must obey all state alcohol regulations and are responsible for fines
should those laws be violated.
10. Renters may NOT charge admittance to the Clubhouse.
11. NO SMOKING and NO PETS are allowed in the Clubhouse.
12. The Deposit Fee is usually refunded withing 14 days, up to the amount given, after a “walk through” of the facility
has been completed by Management.  Any violation of resort rules, agreements, or terms may result in forfeiture of
your deposit.
13. The Clubhouse does not provide food, drinks, paper products (with the exception of toilet paper) or utensils for
any event.
14.  Renters are responsible for meeting the security needs of his or her own event/ party.
15. Parking space is limited to the parking lot in front of the clubhouse.  Guests may not park in RV sites, cottage
parking spaces, etc.  If additional parking is needed, please consult with our front desk clerks.
16. Guests must agree to allow no more than 150 people inside the clubhouse at one time, and no more than 50
people on the clubhouse's wooden deck at one time.

Clean Up Procedures:
1. All personal items (food, beverages, decorations, etc.) must be removed from the premises.
2. All trash must be deposited in the dumpster (by the front gate) or removed from the premise.
3. All tables and chairs must be returned to their original place inside the clubhouse.
4. Any additional rental items (tables, chairs, tablecloths, appliances, floral vases, etc.) belonging to San Jacinto
Riverfront RV Resort must be left in an orderly fashion inside the clubhouse.

For events that don't fall on a holiday or holiday weekend, applicants will forfeit the "hold deposit" if reservation is
cancelled less than 30 days before the event date.  There is absolutely no refund for cancellations of reservation
days that fall on Superbowl Sunday, a holiday, as well as the three days before and after a holiday.
Clubhouse Rental Agreement
Please read and complete the following to request private use of the San Jacinto Riverfront Clubhouse.  This
agreement is not valid unless executed by San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort Management.


Applicant's Information

Applicant's name(s): ____________________________________________________________

Address/ City/ State/  Zip _________________________________________________________

Home Phone ____________________ Cell ___________________ Work __________________

E-mail Address  ________________________________________________________________

Rental Information

Date(s) of Rental _______________________________________________________________

Time of Rental (includes setup/clean up) from _________________ to ____________________

Rental Room Requesting:      ____ Yellow Rose       ____ Blue Bonnet         ____ Both

Description /Purpose of Event/ Other Notes:


Applicants' Acknowledgement

I have reviewed and understand the Terms and Conditions attached hereto. By signing below I acknowledge and
agree to the attached Terms and Conditions.

Applicant's Signature:__________________________________   Date: ___________________


San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort Management has reviewed the terms, hereof, and hereby consents to allow the
Applicant named above to rent the Clubhouse at the date and time stated above, contingent upon the Terms and
Conditions attached hereto. If any of said Terms and Conditions are violated, we reserve the right to ask your group
to vacate the premises at any time during the event. We also reserve the right to cancel any planned event due to
unforeseen difficulties.
                                                                               San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort Management
                                                                                                    Date: ___________________

Please send application:

BY MAIL:                                                Or FAX: 281 426-5080
San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort
Attn: Clubhouse Rental Application        
Or scan and EMAIL to:
540 S. Main                                       
Highlands, TX  77562
San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort    |    540 S. Main, Highlands, TX  77562
(281) 426-6919   |    (866) 426-6919  |  Fax (281) 426-5080   |   After Hours: (832) 782-8708

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